AHD 1000 / 1l

Preparat alkoholowy do higienicznej i chirurgicznej dezynfekcji rąk i skóry przed zabiegami.

Cena netto + 8% VAT

  • Ready to use
  • Immediate disinfection effect confirmed by tests
  • Broad biocidal spectrum against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts and viruses
  • The active substance is ethanol, which is characterized by low toxicity
  • The addition of moisturizing substances protects the skin from drying
  • The presence of fragrance oil neutralizes the characteristic aroma of alcohol
  • The composition of ingredients provides a caring effect on the epidermis
  • Recommended for sensitive skin prone to allergies
  • Well tolerated with frequent use
  • After use, it leaves no sticky hands
  • It degreases the skin very well
AHD 1000 / 1l

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